The Story Behind the Innovation

Columbus, Ohio is home to a new chocolate culture embodying every art and shoe enthusiast’s dream “chocolate shoes". Chocolate Creations by Chara presents to you a gift of pure indulgence and surely a pleasure for the palate. It’s most recent ingenuity and signature item “the chocolate shoe collection” has sparked the interest of patrons from all over to try these chocolate products that are described as the true definition of “eye candy”.

The company gets its name from their expertise in chocolate innovation and creativity. True to the company’s mission to leave a sweet impression, its chocolate is infused with a variety of flavors allowing your taste buds to get a fashionable make-over!

The artistry of the "chocolate shoe collection" has been successfully showcased at many venues including the 2012 Ohio Bridal Expo; 2013 Chicago Sweet & Snack Expo and recently at the 2013 Grammy Red Carpet Event. As a sponsor of the Grammy Red Carpet Event, Chocolate Creations By Chara titillated the celebrities with sinfully delicious and uniquely designed chocolate shoes.

When owner Chara Reeves was asked what makes the chocolate shoe collection so desirable, here is what she had to say “Objects of desire come in an assortment of forms, but the best form can best be associated with the sense of taste!”

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the sweet pleasure and enjoyment from the “chocolate shoe collection”. Visit Chocolate Creations By Chara on Facebook under Chocolate Creations By Chara.

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